5041 Agua Fria Park Rd.
Architect: Autotroph
5041 Agua Fria Park Rd. | Santa Fe | 87507

Built 2011; 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 1,800 square feet

The existing house is located on a hill overlooking Santa Fe and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The clients, a painter & a DJ,are in need of a creative studio space for both their art forms. It is intended to be an inspiring art space that is also connected to the larger landscape beyond. The overall form of the addition is that of a mountain peak. A meditation / sleeping loft features wrap aroundwindows with exceptional views of town and the mountains beyond. The placement of the addition and canopy complete a garden courtyard.

The studio features inexpensive materials that combine to create a simple yet rich architectural composition. Corrugated metal is used exclusively on the exterior and is meant to weather over time. Rusted wall panels lend an earth tone that relates to the existing stucco house. Galvanized roof panels ensure clean water is captured in a cistern to water the clients’ extensive garden. Overhangs shade the upper floor windows, while a lower canopy provides a shaded patio space and connects to the existing house and trellis.

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