The Glorieta House
Architect: Bart Prince
86 Sabino Gonzales Rd. | Glorieta | 87535

Built 2004; 2-bedroom, 2+-bath, 2,100 square feet
This home is currently for sale for $1,495,000

The Bart Prince Glorieta, NM house is truly a work of art comprised of amazing details and spectacular angles and shapes. While the design is complex, it is not pretentious. Functional spaces, separated by interior courtyards, gradually flow down slope with a 20 foot change in elevation stretching 180 feet from the guest area above to the master bedroom below. The central pavilion contains the kitchen, living and dining areas, sunken conversation area and office. The roof is supported by a tripod of steel beams and appears to float and soar in space. Huge windows bring the outside to the inside and frame a panorama of views.  You will surely enjoy your visit to this remarkable home, just 20 minutes from the Santa Fe Plaza.

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