2 High Meadow Drive| Tres Piedras | 87577
Architecture by: Mike Reynolds
Offered by: Ellen Lerner of New Mexico Mountain Properties

Built 2004, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1800 square feet, Listing Price: $299,000

Experience off-grid living at its most beautiful. This one bedroom Earthship built by founder Michael Reynolds is a one-of-a-kind passive-solar, energy efficient green home made from recycled and natural materials. It’s located 15 minutes from the heart of Taos, New Mexico in the Greater World Earthship Community.It is equipped with all the amenities you’re accustomed to, while being totally self-sustainable and operating in harmony with Nature, displaying how easy and comfortable off-grid living can be.

To learn more about the Solaria Earthship home, be sure to check out its website here.

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